3 Types of Indoor Tanning Lotions

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No indoor tanning lotion is the same. Not only can you find thousands of name brands on the market, you will come across tanning lotions that provide different functions. Some make you tan faster, while others support skin care and color longevity. Regardless of the tanning lotion you choose, it is important to familiarize yourself with its purpose. This will ensure you are using the right product for your specific tanning goals. You may also ask the professional tanning consultants at the local neighborhood tanning salon for help making your selection.

Continue reading to learn about the 3 most common indoor tanning lotions and how they differ from one another.


Also called maximizers, tanning accelerators are a common indoor tanning lotion used in the industry. They are formulated to emphasize and prolong tanning results. This means the skin achieves a base tan faster and retains its color longer. They are recommended for beginners because they do not contain any added color dyes or bronzing agents, but they do contain a lot of moisturizing and skin care agents. Once a beginner has achieved a base tan, they can move onto stronger, more aggressive indoor tanning lotions.


Tinglers, also referred to as hot action lotions, contain special active ingredients that stimulate micro-circulation in the skin. These active agents, commonly benzyl or methyl nicotinate, increase blood flow and deliver more oxygen to the skin cells. This promotes a deeper, longer-lasting tan in a shorter amount of time. Upon application, they will cause a tingling, burning sensation while tanning, followed by a cooling sensation. For these reasons and more, they are not recommended for first-time tanning clients. Before using a tingler, it is best to test an area of the skin first to see if you have any discomfort or adverse reaction. You may also talk to your trusted tanning consultant for professional advice.


If you are looking for a deeper, darker tan, a bronzer lotion is a great choice. Bronzers contain added coloring agents that deliver a deep, rich, dark tan. They are formulated with the same ingredient used in self-tanning products, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is a chemical that temporarily alters the cells of the skin. Bronzing lotions will render an instant tan, and then continue to darken the skin hours after tanning. For these reasons, they are recommended for those who already has a base tan and with tanning experience. And if you choose to tan with an indoor bronzer, just remember to always wash your hands after tanning!

Check back with us next month to learn what’s inside your indoor tanning lotion!

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