Broad Ripple Tans Will Keep You Golden All Winter Long!

Winter is here and the snow has already made its debut. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t get your much needed Vitamin D! With work, school, and parenting obligations, you don’t have time to come down with the flu, which is why it is unlikely that you’ll be getting your recommended dose of Vitamin D by standing out in the cold searching for rays of sun!

Instead, visit Broad Ripple Tans for the best seasonal deals on indoor tanning, airbrush spray tanning, and more!

Winter Tanning Deals 317-257-8262

Winter Tanning Deals 317-257-8262

Get Your Winter Glow at Broad Ripple Tans!

Broad Ripple Tans is your neighborhood tanning salon, conveniently located west of Evanston Avenue, and just down the street from Broad Ripple Village. Not only are we easy to find and offer free, private parking, we keep generous store hours of weeknights until 9, and weekends until 7. And we are even open on Sundays until 5! This winter, don’t let your golden tan fade away.

Come check out our state of the art tanning beds, from laydown models and standups, to standard beds, super beds, mega beds, and more! We ensure that all our clients reach their complexion goals by expertly customizing the right combination of tanning product, tanning bed and tanning course, for each client’s individual skin type and tanning needs.

Airbrush Spray Tanning and More!

Sunless Tanning Coupon

Sunless Tanning Coupons 317-257-8262

If bulb tanning is not your thing, we also provide professional air brush spray tanning services. Our trained air brush tanning consultants will work with you one on one to achieve the perfect color and glow you are looking for. We offer fantastic deals on spray tanning too! Just choose from one of our many coupons and discounts, like:


We also coupons for tanning beds and a wide selection of no-contract VIP packages, standard tanning packages, renewal deals, and much more.

At our Indianapolis tanning salon, we maintain economy-based prices, competitive offers, and popular, high quality tanning and skin care products. Choose from a wide variety of lotions, moisturizers, tinglers, bronzers, toners, lip balms, masks, exfoliating mitts, eye protectors, tanning stickers, and even complimentary sweet treats! We guarantee a great price on all of our products, sparkling clean beds, high quality service, and friendly customer support, all at the most competitive prices in the Broad Ripple areas.

Get a Great Deal on a Customized Tan!

Broad Ripple Tans 317-257-8262

Broad Ripple Tans 317-257-8262

At Broad Ripple Tans, our expert tanning consultants thrive on helping our clients achieve their tanning goals by providing specialized recommendations based on our knowledge and experience in the tanning industry. We will professionally customize an effective tanning strategy that will get you the color you desire, safely and all within your budget. We also offer free estimates, so give us a call anytime at 317-257-8262 to speak with a friendly tanning consultant about our tanning services, prices, and specials.

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