How to Get Rid of a Tanning Bed Burn

If the proper precautions and techniques are not applied to your tanning regiment, you may end up with a sun burn. If this ever happens to you after using tanning bed, you can try some different remedies to relieve your discomfort and promote faster healing of the skin.

Continue reading to learn some easy and affordable options for getting rid of a tanning bed burn.

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Hydrate and Moisturize

It is important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of clear fluids. Try to aim for 1 full gallon of water or water-equivalent beverage (i.e. flavored, sparkling, iced tea, etc.) per day. Your body needs water to survive, so it only makes sense that water will help you heal fuller and faster by flushing out all the toxins from your burn.

Moisturizing is also key. Be sure to keep your skin amply moisturized using a quality lotion or skin oil. This will help minimize the symptoms of tanning bed burn, such as dryness, cracking and peeling. Steer clear of any products that contain alcohol or harsh ingredients. These may irritate your skin further, and slow the rate of healing.

Baking Soda Bath

If you are in major discomfort, try taking a baking soda bath, which is exactly what it sounds like. The baking soda will help your skin retain moisture, as well as, cool the burn. Run your bath water at a warm temperature (hot can be too irritating to the burn), and then pour in a ½ cup baking soda. Soak in the tub for at least 10 minutes, but do not exceed 20 minutes. When you get out of the bathtub, do not towel dry, and instead, allow your skin to air-dry.

Use a Topical Medication

After you air dry from your bath, you can apply a topical medication, such as Aloe Vera, to help cool the skin even further. If you use a gel or OTC product, be sure it only contains Aloe Vera as its only ingredient. You can also use the juice from an Aloe Vera plant. Try putting your aloe in the fridge for an hour prior to application to let it cool. It feels amazing!

If you do not want to use Aloe Vera, try witch hazel. Similar to aloe, witch hazel will help your skin heal while also relieving some discomfort like pain and swelling. You can put it in the fridge to cool, too. Simply put some witch hazel on a cotton ball and swipe it across the burnt skin. For particular bad burns, soak a cotton ball fully, and then let it sit on top of the burn for several minutes.

Most importantly…

A well-rested body is healthier, which means it has the capacity to heal faster. Get plenty of sleep and rest while treating a tanning bed burn. Then talk to your Indianapolis tanning salon consultant about coordinating a plan that will help you avoid suffering tanning bed burns in the future.

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