A Brief Introduction to Tanning Beds

A Little History

Indianapolis Tanning Beds 317-257-8262

Indianapolis Tanning Beds 317-257-8262

Tanning beds are a luxury that allows us to keep a sun-kissed glow all year long. They give us the ability to control the intensity of light and the amount of exposure so that we can get the custom skin tone we desire. But indoor tanning beds weren’t always readily-available as they are today. They didn’t become popular in the United States until the 1980’s, after German scientist, Friedrich Wolff discovered them years before. This is where the well-known Wolff tanning beds got their start.

And long before tanning beds went mainstream, UV lighting was used for various therapeutic purposes because it promotes the production of vitamin D, which allows the body to absorb more calcium. This was especially beneficial to those with bone deficiencies and diseases like Ricketts. The introduction of indoor tanning in the U.S. was the start of a trend that would only gain momentum in terms of popularity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Types of Indoor Tanning

As the indoor tanning industry continues to grow, new technologies and products are created and coupled with the use of indoor UV lamps, giving indoor tanning a whole new level of performance and results. Tanning beds are designed for safety and effectiveness, but also for comfort. There are several types of indoor tanning beds, all of which can fall into one of two categories: stand up or lay down.

Both types of beds are comfortable to use, and depending on the make and model, come with a variety of features, such as radios, aromatherapy, cooling fans, misting fans, face tanners, time control, red light therapy, face and arm lamps, and more. The amount and the type of bulbs used in tanning beds differ depending on the make and model. Varieties include beds with 8-60 UV bulbs at 100 watts each, 24-46 UV bulbs between 100 and 160 watts each, and more. The type, wattage, and age of the bulbs will influence their intensity.

Ways to Tan

Indianapolis Tanning Beds 317-257-8262

Indianapolis Tanning Beds 317-257-8262

There are two primary ways to tan indoors. The most common method is visiting a local tanning salon and using their products and services. This is a highly recommended and cost-effective way to tan indoors because tanning salons are literally a one-stop-shop for all your indoor tanning needs. They carry various tanning products, like lotions, moisturizers, bronzers, tinglers, lip balms, and more, all in a wide selection of brands to choose from. They also have a variety of tanning beds to choose from, including standard beds, mega-beds, lay down beds, stand up beds, and more. And since they offer tanning packages and memberships, the cost of tanning is very affordable.

Another way to tan is to purchase your very own tanning bed at a family leisure store or appliance store. There are various make and model tanning beds to choose from, all of which can be installed on your property where you like. You can tan in the comfort of your own home! But tanning beds are expensive, and range in price depending on the model you choose. You can expect to pay anywhere from $2000 to $6,000 or more for a new tanning bed.

Indianapolis Tanning Services

Tanning Bed Coupons 317-257-8262

Tanning Bed Coupons 317-257-8262

Call Broad Ripple Tans at 317-257-8262 to learn about our amazing Indianapolis tanning beds and promotions we currently have at our neighborhood tanning salon. We are professional tanning consultants that love to help our clients develop a safe and effective strategy to achieve the color tone they want! We have endless tanning products, tanning beds, and tanning services to choose from, all at neighborhood prices! We even offer tanning coupons and packages for extra savings! Call 317-257-8262 to request a free estimate, today.

How to Use Self Tanner to Contour

Contouring is not only an effective method for shaping and accentuating our best facial features, it’s recently gained widespread popularity for necks, collarbones, bust lines, and more. But why spend countless hours re-applying your contour, and wasting hundreds of dollars on replacement bronzers, when there is a better way? There is a long hidden secret used by celebrities to achieve a semi-permanent, lustrous contour, and it has always been around. That secret is self-tanner! Continue reading to learn how you can contour your arms, abs, legs, and buttocks with a self-tanner of your choice.

Contouring With Self Tanner

Broad Ripple Tanning Salon 317-257-8262

Broad Ripple Tanning Salon 317-257-8262

Before you start contouring with self-tanners, practice with bronzer to gauge where and how much you want to contour. Do not be afraid of the semi-permanency of self-tanning products. As long as you only apply a little bit at a time, in thin layers, you should not have a problem attaining the desired affect you’re after. And if you do contour incorrectly, a thin layer of self-tanner will fade in a few days after a few showers. With practice, you can get very precise and artistic with your contouring, and feel confident increasing your contouring capacity. You will be able to sculpt your arms, stomach, legs, and rear without months of intense exercise and dieting! All you need is a medium-sized makeup brush or cotton ball, and some quality self-tanning lotion.

Here’s a guide for getting started:

Contouring Arms

To find the proper area to contour on your arms, start by facing a mirror and pointing your index finger straight down to the floor. This will emphasis your tri-cep muscles on the back of your arms. This is where you can make your arms looked more toned with self-tanner! Using a medium-sized make-up brush, apply your self-tanner in thin layers to the crease directly under your tri-cep bulge. Next, look in the mirror again and flex your biceps (raise elbows and clinch fists). Trace under the area of muscle that dips in the middle of your bicep (half-moon shape), with thin layers of self-tanner. Do this for both arms to make them appear taught and toned.

Contouring Abs

Contouring abs is a bit more complicated since you don’t want to use lines that are too thick or too thin. Find the right width by starting small, and adding on as you go. Start by dipping your makeup brush in your self-tanner, and then trace the line from the middle of your cleavage down to your belly button. Next, draw 2 half ovals on each side of your belly button, starting at the rib cage and ending at your hip bones. Repeat this step a few times, while slightly overlapping the lines each time, to achieve an hourglass appearance.

Contouring Buttocks

Use the same techniques mentioned above, but instead, trace half-ovals directly on the lower, outer portion of your cheeks. Keep the middle and upper areas of your derriere light to achieve the illusion of a tighter rear end. But be sure not to cover too much of your buttocks by making the half ovals too thick. You only need a slight contour to get the desired illusion in this area.

Contouring Legs

Using your makeup brush, trace along the INNER sides of your legs where the muscle naturally occurs. Simply stand up straight, and then lift your leg in front of you. You will see your leg’s natural inner muscle line along the insides. Within these natural lines, apply a thin layer of self-tanner to make your legs appear more toned. Be sure to stay within the natural muscle lines. Next, point your leg downward and flex to reveal the front muscle called your quadriceps. Trace along the sides of your natural quad lines, starting from the bottom of your derriere and ending right above knee. But wait, you’re not done! Look to your lower legs and trace the outside of your calf muscle, starting just below your ankles and ending right below the knee cap.

Check out next month’s block for recommended self-tanners!

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