Is it Possible to Wear Too Much Sunscreen?

Many of us have been under the impression that using sunscreen is the definitive way of protecting yourself from the daily UV rays of the sun. In fact, many of us believe that using it every day, for every occasion, is the most effective method. But could be possible that wearing sunscreen from head to toe every single day is not as good for you as you thought? Just like everything else in life, too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing. Although sunscreen is a vital part of routine skin protection and care, it is important to know just how much is too much.

Continue reading to learn some facts about sunscreen to help you determine what best meets your sun protection needs.

Broad Ripple Spray Tanning Salon 317-257-8262
Broad Ripple Spray Tanning Salon 317-257-8262

Protection Against Excessive Sun Exposure

Sunscreen lotion is meant to protect our skin from excessive sun exposure. It is important to remember that the sun’s UV rays, although quite harmful in large amounts, are highly beneficial in small doses. That is because they stimulate the natural production of an essential fat-soluble vitamin in our skin called Vitamin D. This includes Vitamin D-1, D-2, and D-3.

Furthermore, our bodies need to be able to process small levels of Vitamin D3, which is something the sun’s rays deliver. Vitamin D facilitates normal immune system function, as well as regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorous. It can also prevent certain health implications, such as osteoporosis, fungal growth, and tooth decay.

Lack of Vitamin D

Without sufficient Vitamin D production in our bodies, we could be at higher risk of certain bone abnormalities, such as osteomalacia (soft bones) or osteoporosis (fragile, brittle bones). For this reason, it is not necessary to shun all sun exposure. Sunscreen is recommended for lengthy outdoor activity or sun exposure, and not necessarily for your everyday trip to the salon or grocer.

Rather than covering yourself from head to toe in sun screen every day, simply use a normal amount on your exposed skin, such as your arms, face, and neck, and cover the rest of your body with sun reflective clothing. You can wear a hat and sunglasses, or a scarf as well.

Sunscreens are useful, but excessive usage can sometimes be bad for your health. Most contain several chemicals, and repeated usage over a long period of time is bound to have negative implications a person’s health.

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Indianapolis Tanning Salon 317-257-8262
Indianapolis Tanning Salon 317-257-8262

Can I Apply Sunscreen Over My Spray Tan?

When you walk out of the tanning salon after getting a fresh, air-brushed spray tan, you feel great. You feel better than great! But then the anxiety kicks in, and all you can think about is being extra careful as to not harm your new spray tan. You avoid just about anything to prevent your color from fading, smearing, streaking, and simply disappearing too quickly! In fact, one of the most common misconceptions about spray tans has to do with using sunscreen. Many believe that sunscreen will take off or streak up their spray tans. But the truth is that sunscreen does the complete opposite!

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about using sunscreen after spray tanning.

Spray Tanning Salon 317-257-8262
Spray Tanning Salon 317-257-8262

Spray Tanning and Sunblock

Spray tanning is an easy, affordable, and fun alternative for indoor tanning. It avoids the need for UV-ray exposure, and you can get one at almost any local tanning salon at a reasonable price. So if you are considering spray tanning for the first time, you are in the right state of mind! And it is good-timing for you to learn that sunscreen is helpful for spray tans! In order to take care of a spray tan, you must take good care of your skin. And sunscreen is the first place to start in terms of skin care.

Your tan alone is not enough to protect your skin from burning. So using sunscreen is imperative when going out in the sun with a spray tan. Sunscreens contain moisturizers, which nourish your skin while you are in the sun. Nourished skin is healthy skin, and healthy skin holds tans much longer. And this is the goal when it comes to indoor tanning; right? To achieve an even, beautiful, lasting tan is every tanner’s number one priority.

The Right Way to Apply Sunscreen

It is important to always wear sunscreen when you are going to be outside in the sun, whether you have a spray tan or not. Experts recommend applying sunscreen 20 minutes prior to UV-ray exposure for optimal protection, and to reapply on a regular basis as-needed. Applying sunscreen before-hand allows your pores to fully absorb the moisturizers and protective agents in the lotion. This provides more all-around protection. Buy a wide variety of sunscreen at your local pharmacy store, drug store, convenient store, and tanning salon.

Where to Get a Luxury Spray Tan in Indianapolis

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What is Sunburn?

Virtually every person in the United States has either experienced, or knows someone that has experienced, a sunburn before. A sunburn is not the same as burning your finger on a flame or hot oven. Burning yourself in this manner results in a thermal burn, or a burn caused by heat. And although the sun does give off a substantial amount of heat, a sunburn is not a result of heat, but rather, ultraviolet-B radiation.

Continue reading to learn more about sunburns, what causes them, and how to protect your skin from such damage in the future.

Indianapolis Tanning Salon 317-257-8262
Indianapolis Tanning Salon 317-257-8262

When a person exposes their bare skin to UV radiation, their body’s natural limit to such exposure will be evident in the time it takes for their skin to burn. Once a person’s UV radiation exposure exceeds the skin’s ability to protect itself, it will burn. The degree to which it burns depends on how long the skin is over-exposed. If over-exposed for too long, a person can experience severe sun-poisoning.


When skin burns from sun or ultraviolet-B radiation exposure, it will begin to change in color, texture, and more. The common signs of a sunburn include redness, inflammation, tough or leathery-feeling skin, blisters, peeling, aches, pains, and increased body temperature. These symptoms are a result of the body attempting to repair itself by increasing the blood flow to the capillary bed of the second outermost layer of the body, called the dermis. Inflammatory immune cells are also sent to this area, causing the sensation of pain; the body’s defensive approach to make a person stop whatever it is that’s causing harm. And peeling skin is simply caused by dead or damaged skin cells.

Sun and Skin Protection

Depending on the severity, a person might experience a few or more of these symptoms for a certain length of time. For minor burns, a person may experience discomfort and slight redness of the skin for up to a week, whereas more serious sunburns can take weeks or months to heal with proper care. Sunburns should be treated with aloe gels, skin healing creams, Ibuprofen, and drinking a lot of fresh water.

The use of sun protection creams and sprays are vital products to protect skin from UV exposure. Sunscreen is very affordable and can be purchased at almost any local or convenient store, including grocery stores, drug stores, and more. The most effective method for protecting your skin from UV-radiation damage is to use sunscreen and avoid over-exposure altogether.

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