The Leading Cause of a Fading Sunless Tan

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You feel like a million dollars after stepping out of your favorite tanning salon with a fresh air-brushed spray tan. But then the paranoia kicks in and you forget to enjoy your sunless tan because you are solely concentrated on keeping it as long as possible!

This is no way to live, nor enjoy your luminous glow. Instead, try to understand the leading cause for a fading sunless tan, and use your new-found knowledge to find a happy medium between protecting and extending your sunless tan.

Continue reading to learn the number one cause for sunless tan fade, and what you can do to slow the inevitable process.

Loss of Skin Cells

Your sunless tan changes the pigment on the top layers of your skin. As your body continues its growth cycles, your skin cells molt away and get replaced with new ones. This is why sunless tan fade is inevitable. However, there are several things you can do to slow the process of skin cell loss and maintain a sunless tan for longer. This means reducing the culprit behind premature skin cell loss: friction.

Anything from clothing and bed sheets, to jewelry, seat belts, and more, can rub against your skin, causing skin cells to flake away. Other common culprits of friction include body contact, bath towels, chlorinated pools, and even hard water. So if you want to maintain your sunless tan longer, you must try to keep the top layer of skin cells for up to 21 days. After 3 weeks, your skin cells will fall off anyway.

Here are some tips to make your sunless tan last:

☼ Drink a lot of water. Our bodies are made up of 70% water, and our skin is our largest organ. Keep your body hydrated and your skin will improve in appearance and texture. Try to drink at least 8 cups of water every day.

☼ Exfoliate the skin regularly. Whether you use a loofa and exfoliator cream in the shower, or visit the spa every month for a full body scrub, keeping the skin exfoliated is an effective way to ensure there are no excess dry skin cells on your body before you apply your sunless tan. This reduce skin cell flaking post spray tan.

☼ When wet, pat the skin dry; do not rub. When you are getting out of water, whether the pool or bath, be sure to pat-dry rather than rub your skin with your towel. This keeps skin cells in place, longer.

☼ Moisturize daily. Keeping the skin moisturized helps maintain skin cells by keeping them soft and moist. When skin cells dry out, they start to flake off.

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