Top 3 Misconceptions About Face Tanning Lotions

Your face is the first thing a person notices when they see you, so it is only natural for us to want our faces to look their best. Self-tanning products are a great way to maintain a healthy, lustrous glow all year long for the face. Continue reading to learn the top 3 myths surrounding face self-tanners, including how they should be applied and how they might affect skin and hair.

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Face Self-Tanners Will Not Stain Hair.

FALSE. Unfortunately, many people find this out the hard way. Self-tanners for the face will stain your both hairlines and eyebrows, making it vital to follow all manufacturers’ instructions and take all necessary precautions. Try applying a little moisturizer around your hairline to protect it and render a more natural look, and use a cotton swab to remove self-tanner from eyebrows. Keep in mind that self-tanners can stain more than just hair too; they can also stain countertops, clothing, upholstery, carpet, and more.

Face Self-Tanners Will Give Me Acne.

FALSE…mostly. Any lotion or cream-based product is bound to obstruct your facial pores to some degree. However, most face products, including self-tanning lotions, are specially-formulated to protect the skin from irritation or breakouts. This, combined with proper skin care practices, should sufficiently protect your skin against major acne outbreaks. You may experience some bumps or clogged pores, but you should not fear the worst every time you use a face self-tanner.

Face Self-Tanners Do Not Require Prep.

FALSE. By far the most common and disconcerting misconception about face self-tanners is that they can be applied directly to the face, without any preparation. It is vital that you cleanse and prep the skin for self-tanning prior to application. To get the best results from your face self-tanning lotion, remove all makeup, cleanse and exfoliate the skin, and finish with a light moisturizer. If you are also apply self-tanner to your neck and décolleté, be sure to prep these areas as well.

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