Top 3 Tanning Tips for Men

Tanning salons are not just for women. Men need color too! After all, “pale” is not the best look for anyone. In fact, many people will amenably admit that they prefer their partners to have a tanner skin tone. Furthermore, tanning is a spa treatment that relaxes, rejuvenates, and increases our Vitamin D levels. For this reason, men everywhere should tan proudly, and properly for that matter.

If you are a man who is new to indoor tanning, these 3 tips will get you started on the right track. By following them, you are guaranteed to look and feel good!

Indoor Tanning and Skin Care Products 317-257-8262

Indoor Tanning and Skin Care Products 317-257-8262

Do Not Tan Too Often

When it comes to indoor tanning, a little can go a long way. If your skin is naturally dark and prone to tanning, you risk looking too murky, or “overdone.” If your skin is naturally pale and prone to sun burning, you risk looking red or “fried.” Over-tanning can also be dangerous for those with a history of serious sun burning.

Similarly, it is important to choose the proper tanning bed, as they all come in different strengths and levels. To avoid this common mistake, simply talk to a tanning consultant about your skin tone goals; they will provide professional recommendations for a safe and effective tanning regime personalized just for you.

Avoid Fragrant Products

Using a tanning booster, like bronzer or moisturizer, is a great way to get faster, longer-lasting results. These tanning products are also great for skin care and moisture retention. However, as a guy, you might not want to use a product that has a “feminine” fragrance or contains glitter elements (unless you really like it of course!).

Check with your tanning consultant, or read online reviews about tanning products before you purchase them. Buying products at your local tanning salon is a great way to select the perfect booster since you can see and smell them in person.

Choose the Right Tanning Lotion

Aside from fragrance and shimmer, it is important to choose a tanning lotion that is right for your skin tone and tanning goals. For someone with pale skin, a heavy-duty bronzer may not be the best course of action for a balanced, natural-looking tan.

Similarly, a strong “tingler-style” lotion may not be a good fit for someone with sensitive skin. Furthermore, a post-tanning skin care routine is equally as important as choosing the right product if you want long-lasting results. Get advice from your tanning consultant for current and popular skin care products.

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