The Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Tanning Lotions

When shopping around, it is only natural to look for the bargains. However, there are some products you must be careful making budget compromises on, especially when it comes to skin care. The same principal of quality-over-quantity applies to your tanning products. But whether shopping online or in a store, you will instantly notice that the cost of tanning lotions vary on a wide spectrum, from products as low as $4 or $5, to bottles in the $50 to $100 range, and some even much higher.

So how do you know which lotions are worth the cost and which are not? The answer is ingredient knowledge. You must be able to look at the ingredients and understand what they do. This understanding will help you make a quality, cost-effective purchase that meets both the needs of your budget and your skin complexion goals.

Continue reading to learn some of the most notable differences between a cheap brand of tanning lotion and a more expensive one.

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Ingredient Knowledge

As mentioned, understanding the ingredients inside your bottle of tanning lotion will help you get a better picture of why it is placed at a particular price point. Some tanning lotion constituents are simply meaningless or used as fillers, while others serve highly valuable purposes. See our blog, “What’s In Your Tanning Lotion?” to get started on this life-long learning curve.

Expensive Lotions

Pricier lotions tend to contain a higher quality blend of ingredients that have a focus on skin care, like moisturizing and hydration. Top-of-the-line products may even incorporate anti-aging formulas into their lotions. Expensive tanning lotions are known to also contain more effectual constituents to speed up the tanning process and render darker skin, such as tinglers or intensity bronzers.

Furthermore, costlier lotions are developed by actual chemists and scientists who test the formulas to explicitly ensure a lack of side effects, like irritation, redness, and allergic reactions. This means that a more expensive tanning lotion could be the safer and more secure choice. For those who have tattoos, higher-quality tanning lotions are better at preventing ink fading.

Cheaper Lotions

As for the cheaper selection of tanning lotions, you are not likely to see any of the above-mentioned, fancy ingredients, like tinglers, conditioners, and anti-aging elements. Instead, cheap tanning lotion is generally comprised of bronzers, but may also contain a nominal amount of moisturizers. In comparison to the more expensive options, cheap tanning lotions will not deliver as much tanning power and longevity.

Using such products could potentially lead to using more, and thus, buying more, than you should have to. This would not be cost-effective, and could actually cause you to spend more money in the long run. So the next time you reach for the cheaper bottle of tanning lotion, be sure to consider how much you will need to apply, how often you will have to tan, and the kind of results you are looking for.

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