The 3 Downfalls to At-Home Airbrush Spray Tanning Kits

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If you frequently spray tan, then you have probably considered purchasing your own DIY kit and equipment to save yourself some time and money. But these kits are not likely to deliver the added privileges you are after.

That is why it is best to stick with professional airbrush spray tanning services. Continue reading to learn the top 3 downfalls to at-home airbrush spray tanning kits and equipment.


If you think it’s cheaper to purchase your own at-home equipment for spray tanning, think again. The cost is actually much higher. Not only are these kits heinously overpriced online and on shelves, they are never all-inclusive, which means you are forced to purchase several extra accessories in order for the kid to be complete. And of course this adds up, especially considering replacement parts needed down the line. The cost of spray tanning at your local tanning salon twice a month is much cheaper than the cost of maintaining an at-home spray tanning set up.


When you go to your local tanning salon to get your monthly spray tan, is the process completely out of control and messy? Well the answer to that question is “no.” That is because tanning salons retain professional equipment and training that allows them to provide premium spray tanning results, efficiently. It also helps to have a spray tanning technician apply product for a more even and balanced color tone. Do-it-yourself spray tanning kits are incredibly messy and complicated to use. They are also very difficult to learn how to use properly, and can take months or even years to get your application skills just right.


Most spray tanning kits do not come complete with all the proper equipment needed to efficiently apply the spray tanning product. For instance, one of the most common spray tanning kits available on the market today comes with a very small spray tanning wand, one similar to the airbrushes used at nail salons. How can you possibly cover the surface area you need to cover in the time you need to cover it with something that small? You can’t! So this kit, and many others, requires consumers to purchase a larger airbrush wand for an additional cost. And now it’s just one example.

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