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Get Your Bronze Glow Today!

Here at Broad Ripple Tans, we have the premium UV tanning beds you need to get that bright bronze glow you’re after! Using the right bed, the right product, and the right regime can give you dramatic tanning results in just a few weeks!

You can choose among a variety of high-quality tanning beds in our salon; including our top-of-the-line standard beds, High Pressure Stand-Up Super Beds, Ultra Bronzing Mega Beds, and our new state-of-the-art automatic spray tan beds that do not require a technician nor appointment!

Broad Ripple Tans has everything you need to obtain the tan of your dreams, safely and within budget. Discuss your tanning goals with one of our trained tanning technicians and get started as soon as today! Call 317-257-8262 to learn more about our tanning beds, products, prices, and more.

Standard Bed
Our standard beds are high-quality Level 1 tanning beds that come equipped with higher UV rays to provide the perfect bronze glow for beginner tanners, or for those looking to maintain their complexion. Recommended tanning schedule for standard beds is 3 to 4 times per week, depending on skin complexion and personal tanning goals. Talk to your tanning consultant to learn which tanning regimes are best for your complexion and skin type.
Ultra Bronzing Mega Bed
Our Ultra Bronzing Mega Bed is the perfect choice for veteran tanners, or anyone who needs an instant tan with little maintenance! This deep bronzing bed comes with higher-level UV rays that will give you long-lasting color in as little as 10 minutes. Recommended tanning schedule for the Ultra Bronzing Mega Bed is 2 to 3 times per week, depending on skin complexion and personal tanning goals. Discuss your tanning goals with a knowledgeable tanning consultant to learn the perfect tanning bed match for your skin type and complexion!
High Pressure Stand-Up Super Bed
Our High Pressure Stand-Up Beds are the best option for anyone looking to achieve a deep tan that will not only last, but require very little maintenance. This bed is not recommended for beginner tanners since it uses high levels of UV rays. For moderate to veteran tanners, it can provide a deep dark bronze color in as little as a few sessions, and it’s “stand-up” design ensures even tanning all over. Once a tan is developed, most people only need one to two sessions a month to maintain it! Just remember to moisturize too!
Automatic Spray Tan Beds
Try out our new, state-of-the-art, automatic spray tanning beds for an instant, hassle-free glow! This new innovative technology delivers an even and lustrous complexion in just a few short minutes, without any mess, prep, or manual application by a trained staff member. Best of all, no appointment is necessary! Just walk in anytime and request a session in our new, automatic spray tanning bed!