Have Some Fun With Your Tan Lines!

Give yourself a fun sun tattoo before summer ends!

Broad Ripple Tanning Salon 317-257-8262

Broad Ripple Tanning Salon 317-257-8262

If you have been to an indoor tanning salon before, you have seen the fun little stickers and decals they sell for tanners that want a unique tan tattoo. But did you know you can customize your own sun tan tattoo by using hand-made designs, strategically-placed garments, cut-out stencils, and even Elmer’s® glue? Yes, we said glue! Of course you can also use a viscous lotion or cream too, but the traditional glue bottles have a narrow nozzle that helps with precision and intricate designs. Continue reading to learn some fun and interesting ideas for sun tan tattoos, and where to go for a great indoor tanning experience all year long!

Draw Your Own Design

Using standard school glue will give you range in designing and constructing intricate or unique shapes and images onto your skin. If you choose to draw your own sun tan tattoo with glue, it works best on the front side of your body, or in a place that is easily reachable. If you want something on your back, then you might have better luck with a self-cut stencil or decal. You can purchase large sticker sheets for under a dollar at any local fabrics or craft store. Or you can even cut and mesh multiple stickers together to get the shape you are looking for. After all, it’s just the outline that counts!

Cut-Out Swim Suits

Broad Ripple Tanning Salon 317-257-8262

Broad Ripple Tanning Salon 317-257-8262

If you are not in to drawing or sticking something on your skin, you can surf the web for thousands of modern bikinis and swimwear that comes with pre-cut designs that are stitched into the bathing suit, and in all the right spots. There are hipster bottoms with cut-outs of turtles, dolphins, and more in the hip, and even bikini bottoms with cute little cut-outs in the rear! These are inexpensive and add just the right amount of flare and individuality you are looking for in a sun tattoo.

Metallic or Temporary Tattoos

You can purchase and apply pre-made metallic tattoos at an affordable price, which are very popular and widely-available right now. Not only will look great while you wear them, they will leave behind a long-lasting and fun sun tattoo in their place!

Fun Sun Tattoo Ideas:

• Place a life-size decal in the shape of a gun on your back, halfway in your swim bottoms.
• Draw sun rays around your belly button.
• Write out a favorite phrase or word of inspiration in cursive.
• Wear lace undies and tan in private for an intricate, lacy design.
• Wear a thin bralette in the tanning bed for a permanent rib cage bra line.
• Use metallic henna tattoos on your hands and feet.
• Decal an entire arm or leg for a sun tattoo sleeve.

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