Learn About the Indoor Tanning Association (ITA)

As a tanning client who enjoys any or all forms of tanning, you will appreciate the Indoor Tanning Association (ITA). Continue reading to learn more about ITA, and how you can support or contribute to their cause.

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Indoor Tanning Association (ITA)

The Indoor Tanning Association (ITA) was established in the late 20th century in order to protect the rights of anyone who wishes to get a tan, whether through artificial light or natural sun. To this day, the ITA works as an ambassador for thousands of business owners, manufacturers, and suppliers of indoor tanning products and services around the nation. They also represent several special interest groups and organizations involved with the practice of indoor tanning.

Legislative Developments

Another beneficial initiative taken on by the Indoor Tanning Association is their steadfast supervision and comprehension of all the most recent changes and happenings within state and federal legislation. This constant observation of legislative developments protects us tanners from unfair restrictions, regulations, and other shifts that impact our existing indoor tanning freedoms. On the other hand, the ITA also works alongside both state and federal establishments to set regulations and limitations that protect tanners from harm. For example, the ITA helps maintain age restriction and parental consent laws for indoor tanning.

Tanning Research and Innovations

Another wonderful quality of the Indoor Tanning Association is their commitment to encouraging the generation of new and precise research in order to promote and spread safe and responsible tanning practices. Not only do they work alongside several interest groups and organizations to accomplish this, they also help to regulate manufacturing standards and maintenance for tanning equipment, as well as, provide educational resources for both clients and suppliers.

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