The Only Before and After Spray Tanning Tips You Need to Know

Spray tanning is an excellent way to get that perfect, uniform summer glow, instantly!  There have been huge advancements in sunless tanning technology, so now anyone can get a beautiful tan in a matter of minutes without any UV exposure! These technologies have perfected the science of delivering a flawless, full-coverage spray tan that instantly and exponentially darkens into a rich beautiful tan.

No matter what skin complexion you may be, a spray tan is right for you! With no ultra violet ray exposure, there is no risk of uneven tanning, burns, and redness. You will walk out of your local tanning salon with a perfect tan that lasts and lasts! If you are new to sunless tanning, it is strongly recommended to review some basic tips before you decide to move forward. Better preparation plus proper aftercare equals better tanning results!  

Continue reading to learn some very helpful UV-free tanning tips, and be on your way to a gorgeous tan!

Indianapolis Spray Tanning 317-257-8262
Indianapolis Spray Tanning 317-257-8262

Before You Get Your Spray Tan:

✅ Always make your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

✅ Schedule your appointment at least 8 hours before a social event.

✅ Get any manicures and pedicures done before your spray tan.

✅ Take a shower right before you come, and include any shaving. In the shower, be sure to exfoliate your skin using an oil-free scrub. Consider purchasing a good-quality shower exfoliating spray tanning cleanser on the market for best results.

✅ Do not wax ANYTHING within 24 hours of your spray tanning appointment!

✅ Do not wear perfume, deodorant, make-up, or moisturizers before to your spray tan appointment.

✅ Wear loose, dark-colored clothing to your appointment. Some color will rub off on them so be sure to wear something you don’t mind getting stained. But if you wash your clothes right after, the stains should come out easily.

After You Get a Spray Tan:

✅ Wait at least 6 hours before taking a shower. Do not be alarmed to see a lot of color come off in the shower–this is just the initial bronzers and is perfectly normal! Just avoid scrubbing hard and don’t take a really long or hot shower.

✅ Avoid exercise and water-based activities, or anything that causes perspiration for several hours after your spray tan.

✅ Avoid swimming pools and hot tubs because chlorine will fade spray tans.

✅ Always use a fresh blade for shaving after a spray tan.

✅ Out of the shower, pat dry lightly with a towel. Do not rub the towel all over your body to dry off. Be sure to fully moisturize!

✅ Don’t have ANYTHING waxed for at least 24 hours after your spray tanning appointment!

✅ Don’t panic about darkness in the creases of your neck, underarms, knees, and other areas of your body. This is normal and will blend in after a shower.

Where to Get a Fabulous Spray Tan in Indianapolis

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