What Should I Wear in a Tanning Bed?

First time tanning salon clients are quick to wonder what the appropriate attire is for using a tanning bed. Should I tan in my underwear? Is nude tanning a faux pas? Will a tanning bed damage my swimsuit? If you have these same questions and concerns as a beginner tanner, continue reading to learn what tanning bed attire is recommended for everyone, regardless of tanning level or experience.

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Appropriate Tanning Bed Attire

There are many options to choose from when deciding on what to wear in the tanning bed. The garb you choose will depend on your own personal preferences and complexion goals. When making the decision, it helps to think about the type of tan lines you are bound to develop. If you are someone who likes to wear a lot of crop tops, you might want to go with a bikini. If you wear a lot of tube tops, you might want to avoid ties and strings around your neck. If you have clothes that reveal your back, you may want to skip a top all together! The same principle of tan lines apply to the legs and feet too.

Another factor that will, and should, influence your choice is your skin type and how well you tan, or burn. If you have areas of the body that are very sensitive and burn easily, you might want to keep them covered up while tanning. Keep in mind that all of this applies to spray tanning as well. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Birthday Suit – If you want to be free of tan lines completely, tan naked. Don’t worry; these days, tanning salons are inspected rigorously for health and safety violations, so most use top-quality hygienic practices and products that keep tanning beds sanitary at all times. Just beware that sensitive skin and exposed tissues are more susceptible to burning and other dermal irritation when tanning in the buff.

Swimsuit – The majority of tanning clients wear a swimsuit, whether a full piece, bikini, or trunks. If you are a first-time tanning bed user, you may feel the most comfortable starting off in a bathing suit. And don’t worry about ruining your swimwear. The tanning bed will not damage your swimsuit in any way. It’s just like tanning in the natural sun!

Underwear – Another popular and convenient choice of attire for a tanning bed is underwear. Many people stop by the tanning salon after or before work, or while out running errands, so they do not always have a swimsuit on them. Simply tanning in some briefs, boxers, bras, and panties will work as an excellent substitute to swimwear.

Special Tip: It helps to wear loose-fitting clothing to the tanning salon for comfort, convenience, and efficiency. Consider sweat pants, joggers, leisure shorts, baggy tees, loose tanks, and loose outerwear. Not only can you change out of and back into your outfit in a matter of seconds, you will not have to worry about chaffing or sweating once you leave the salon.

Where You Should Tan in Indianapolis

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