Do I Have to Spray Tan in the Nude?

One of the most common misconceptions about spray tanning is the requirement to be nude. If you are preparing for your first spray tan session, do not let this factor intimidate you! There are many options for spray tanning attire, all of which will still render a glowing, balanced, and long-lasting complexion so long as you prepare and follow-up properly.

Continue below to learn what you need to know about dressing the part for a spray tan appointment and rid yourself of all the anxiety for good.

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Spray Tanning Basics

Spray tanning is a safe and convenient way to get an instant, even tan without any UV exposure. No ultraviolet ray exposure means there is no risk of uneven tanning, burns, and redness. But when it comes to spray tans, you must put some effort into it if you want the best results. Starting days before your actual appointment, it is important to fully-hydrate and moisturize your skin, head to toe, and even more so in drier areas like elbows and heels.

This hydration and moisturizing process should begin at least one week before your scheduled spray tan. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day and use quality products with little-to-no fragrance to reduce the risk of skin irritation and lingering residue. Furthermore, do not shave, wax, exfoliate, or have any other intrusive skin treatments done before your spray tan, as these treatments can disrupt the evenness of application.

What to Wear for Spray Tanning

In most cases, those who spray tan choose to do so half nude. Typically, women will wear panties, thongs, or bikini bottoms, and leave off their top. Men will generally wear swim trunks, athletic shorts, or underwear, and forgo a shirt. The way you decide to dress for your spray tan session is entirely up to you, and mostly depends on your level of comfort and what you want your tan lines to look like. For first timers, it is recommended to wear an old swimsuit or bikini that you don’t mind staining. From there, you can evolve your spray tan attire as your level of comfort expands.

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