Tips for Tanning in a Stand Up Bed

When it comes to tanning indoors, you also have many selections to choose from. Aside from air brush spray tanning, all options are going to involve a type of tanning bed. One of the most popular and innovative indoor tanning beds today are stand up beds. However, many tanning bed users are somewhat intimidated to try one out for the first time, and as a result, tend to stick with their standard bed choice. If you feel the same way, don’t let your uncertainty hold you back from all the wonderful benefits of tanning while standing up!

Continue reading to learn some tips that will ease your mind and prepare you for the ultimate tanning experience!

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Indianapolis Tanning Salon 317-257-8262

Why Stand to Tan?

The most admired benefit of standing while tanning is the lack of tan lines. This is especially desirable for women who like to wear tank tops, strapless tops, backless shirts and dresses, and different cuts of swimsuits. No tan lines render an even, more natural-looking tan too! Aside from a natural, no-line tan, you also reap the benefits of staying cooler and sweating less since there is no skin-to-bed contact. As an added bonus for those who count their steps and physical activity, you get to burn some extra calories by staying on your feet!

How to Use a Stand-Up Tanning Bed

Using a standup tanning bed is a bit similar to being scanned inside the glass airport security tube with your hands in the air. Think of a regular tanning bed; then imagine it standing up on its short side. This is basically what you will see when you enter your tanning salon room. A standing tanning bed will have handles at ten and 2 o’clock for you to hold onto while you are standing, to help with arm fatigue and promote full-body UV-ray exposure. Depending on the make and model bed, the handles might be directly above your head. You will not have to lean, kneel, or touch anything with your body other than your hands on the handles. When the bed turns on, the lights will emit their glow all around you. All you have to do is stand still and wait for the session to complete!

Stand Up Tanning Bed Tips:

Always wear protective eye gear. No matter what style tanning bed you are using, it is vital that you cover your eyes with proper protective eye wear. See our blog, “The Importance of Tanning Bed Eye Protection” to learn what you risk by failing to protect your eyes while tanning indoors.

Stand as still as possible to ensure you get a balanced, even tan. If you are moving around, your body might be creating more heat energy, which can result in more sweat and lead to uneven tanning or even minor skin irritations.

Another important tip is to choose the right level. Some standup beds are mega-beds or power-beds, which means they are stronger than standard tanning beds. Be careful to avoid a bed that is too strong for your skin tone or type.

Wear something with forgiving tan lines. One of the primary purposes of using a standup tanning bed is the lack of tan lines, so be sure to support this advantage by wearing as little as possible, such as a bikini, under garments, or even nothing at all!

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