Tips for Your First Visit to a Tanning Salon

Indianapolis Tanning Salon 317-257-8262

Indianapolis Tanning Salon 317-257-8262

A tanning salon is a local spa facility that specializes in UV and sunless tanning. They offer several services, equipment, and products that aid or facilitate the sunless skin tanning process, including tanning beds, lotions, accelerators, airbrush tanning, and more. Tanning the skin is a process known as melanogenesis. The epidermis layer of your skin contains pigment-producing cells called melanocytes, which produce melanin and make the skin darker.

Tanning at a salon is not just a means of achieving a quality skin tone, it is also a relaxing and indulgent experience that feels good! If you have never been to a tanning salon before, it is important to equip yourself with the right knowledge in order to get the most from your experience. There are various aspects of tanning in a tanning salon to consider, including safety, products, skin care, and results. Continue reading to learn a few important tips for your first tanning salon visit!

How to Prepare

For every visit to the tanning salon, there is a certain way to prepare. Remove any heavy perfumes or makeup, and do not wax anything for 24 hours before your session. This is important for both UV and spray tanning. Also, be sure to choose something comfortable and easy to wear to the salon. Since you may be using a bronzing lotion, and tanning is likely to make you sweat, wear something that does not have much value, like old workout clothes, loungewear, or even pajamas.

What to Wear When You Tan

Many people prefer to tan in the nude to avoid lines, but it is also common to wear a bathing suit, bikini, or under garments. Since there is no one else in the room with you when you tan in a bed, you can feel comfortable tanning anyway you like. Many people wear bathing suits for spray tan sessions since they are administered by a professional tanning specialist. Be sure to always wear protective eye gear for both bed and spray tanning. Eye goggles are for sell at tanning salons, and most offer free eye protection stickers.

Choosing a Product

For first time tanners, it is important to ask the tanning consultant about using a product, such as a bronzer or accelerator, to enhance your tanning results. Since you are a first-timer, it is vital that you choose a product that is not too harsh for your skin. The tanning consultant will be able to ask you questions that will give them an idea of which product will work for you and which ones will not. It is best to start off slow and work your way up to stronger bronzing lotions. You must see how your skin reacts to the entire tanning process before upgrading to a stronger tanning lotion. This will protect you from skin irritation and burns.

Choosing a Service

Many people prefer sunless spray tanning over tanning beds, but the classic still remains a popular choice to this day. Regardless of the tanning service you choose, it is important to use the same advice given for tanning products: start slow and work your way up top stronger sun exposure. For first-time spray tanners, you don’t want to start heavy with color. Instead, work your way up with a few sessions to evenly obtain a beautiful glow. For tanning bed users, start off with a few minutes in a lower-exposure bed, and after a few months, work your way up to stronger beds and longer sessions.

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