Things You Can Add to Your Tanning Lotion for Extra Skin Care Benefits

Your tanning lotion of choice is special. After all, you have gone through the trial and error process over the course of many years to discover exactly what works and meets your needs at the same time. So, when it comes to boosting or upgrading your tanning lotion, you might not be interested in changing products outright. However, as a wonderful alternative, you can add certain things to your existing suntan lotion, and customize a new formula that enhances your tanning experience and ultimate results.

Continue reading to learn what things you can add to your suntan lotion to customize a skin care product for your personal tanning objectives.

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Indoor Tanning Products 317-257-8262

You Can Customize Your Tanning Lotion!

Perhaps your tanning lotion works great and renders a long-lasting tan, but you don’t quite enjoy the scent? Or maybe you love your tanning lotion, but your tan doesn’t seem to last as long as you like. Is your skin too dry after tanning? Are you concerned about exacerbating wrinkles and fine lines? Whatever your particular setback is with your current tanning lotion or experience, you can make some small changes to your product to help meet your tanning goals.

Using Essential Oils and Carrier Oils

The top recommendations are essential oils. There are hundreds of different scented essential oils, from lavender and eucalyptus, to freesia, tea tree, lemongrass, patchouli, pine, and almost all the fruits you can think of! Not only are these essential oils deeply scented, they serve a purpose in terms of well-being. For example, lavender essential oil is great for calming, while peppermint and menthol are great for rejuvenation and muscle aches.

Simply add a few drops of the essential oil you need directly into your tanning lotion, and be sure it mixes well. You might have to mix it in a separate bowl, and the n transfer your custom lotion back into its original bottle. In addition to essential oils, you can also add things straight from nature specific to your tanning or skin care objectives. Remember, tanning and skin care go hand-in-hand, so you can’t have a good tan without good skin care.

Here is a little guide you can use to choose when deciding which item or essential oil you need to meet your tanning goals:

Relaxing and Calming:

❀ Lavender Essential Oil
❀ Frankincense Essential Oil
❀ Lemongrass Essential Oil
❀ Tangerine Essential Oil
❀ Bergamot Essential Oil
❀ Tea Tree Essential Oil
❀ Camphor Essential Oil
❀ Basil (Real or Essential Oil)

Rejuvenating and Refreshing:

❀ Peppermint Essential Oil
❀ Spearmint Essential Oil
❀ Sandalwood Essential Oil


❀ Lemon Essential Oil
❀ Grapefruit Essential Oil
❀ Rose Essential Oil

Aches and Pains:

❀ Menthol Essential Oil
❀ Yarrow Oil
❀ Rosemary Oil
❀ Helichrysum Oil
❀ Peppermint Essential Oil
❀ Marjoram Essential Oil

Soothing Skin:

❀ Pure Aloe
❀ Jojoba Carrier Oil
❀ Chamomile Oil
❀ Cinnamon Oil
❀ Clove Bud Oil
❀ Peppermint Essential Oil


❀ Anti-Aging Drops
❀ Rosehip Carrier Oil
❀ Sweet Almond Carrier Oil
❀ Retinol Drops
❀ Squalane and Vitamin C Rose Oil
❀ Clary Sage Oil
❀ Pomegranate Oil


❀ Castor Oil
❀ Jojoba Carrier Oil
❀ Grapeseed Carrier Oil
❀ Squalane and Vitamin C Rose Oil

Smells Good:

❀ Freesia Essential Oil
❀ Plumeria Essential Oil
❀ Grapefruit Essential Oil
❀ Vanilla Essential Oil
❀ Tea Tree Essential Oil
❀ Rose Essential Oil

Additional Tips:

✨ DHA Drops for a Boost in Color
✨ Caffeine Drops (or Powder) to Smooth and Tone
✨ Shimmer or Illuminator for Glow
***Mix first with water, then add to your tanning lotion for best results.

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What is an After-Tanning Lotion?

In the tanning industry, there are endless skin care products to choose from. Whether new to tanning or not, the vast selection of lotions, oils, moisturizers, balms, and creams can leave you fully confused. Understanding the differences among them all can be a feat in itself, especially if you do not even know what the product actually is to begin with. This is common with after-tanning lotions.

Many have never even heard the term after-tanning lotion, let alone know what it is intended to be used for. However, after-tanning lotions are vital to the ultimate results you get from tanning, as well as, your overall skin quality and protection. So it is in your best interest to understand them and use them if you plan on tanning in the future.

Continue reading to learn what an after-tanning lotion is, why it matters, and where to find the best deals on similar products in Indianapolis.

Indoor Tanning Products
Indoor Tanning Products 317-257-8262

Post-Tanning Care

The number one rule to post-tanning care is moisturizing. You see, your tan changes the pigment on the top layers of your skin. As your body continues its growth cycles, your skin cells molt away and get replaced with new ones, which is why a tan will eventually fade overtime. To slow down the rate of a fading tan, your skin needs moisture, and using moisturizing lotions will help maintain skin cells by keeping them soft and moist. See our blog, “

After-Tanning Lotions

An after-tanning lotion is exactly what it says; a lotion that is meant to be used after you tan. But why use them? What do they do? Well, a post-tanning lotion contains special ingredients formulated to protect the skin from premature skin cell loss, which can result in a fading tan, as well as, wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, and more. Such ingredients commonly include vitamins, oils, fatty acids, antioxidants, and beta carotene. Less common ingredients include glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera. Additionally, after-tan lotions extend the luster and glow of your tan, giving you a long-lasting complexion.

Not only do after-tanning lotions protect and nourish your skin, they can also save you money on future tanning and sun tan lotions. When your tan lasts longer, your tanning salon visits will be less frequently, which keeps money in your pocket. Moreover, you spend less money on bronzers and oils since you use will eventually use less as your tanning results get better. See our blog, “Top-Recommended Post-Tanning Moisturizers” to learn what your best options are on the market.

Also Consider Tan Extenders

Another option for post-tanning care is to use a tan extending product. Tan extenders are the best kept secret in the insider world of expert tanning, and are now widely available at any local tanning salon or convenient store. They don’t just extend your color, they make it look better! A popular and recommended tan extender is Swedish Beauty® Endless Moisturizer Tan Extender.

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