Guide on Choosing the Right Tanning Bed for Your Needs

Are you looking for a way to get that sun-kissed look without the risks of going out in the sun? Tanning beds are an increasingly popular option, but it’s important to make sure you choose the right one for your needs. With so many different types and brands available, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on choosing the right tanning bed for your needs. We’ll cover everything from understanding indoor tanning technology, safety precautions, and even how to pick out a good spray tan booth.

By the end of this blog, you should have all the information necessary to make an informed decision about which type of bed is best for you. So, scroll down to get started!

Call 317-257-8262 to Learn About Our Indoor Tanning Salon in Broad Ripple!
Call 317-257-8262 to Learn About Our Indoor Tanning Salon in Broad Ripple!

Understand the Basics of Indoor Tanning Technology

One of the first things to consider when choosing a tanning bed is the type of technology it uses. Indoor tanning beds are typically powered either by UVA or UVB lamps, and each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. UVA lamps produce more intense heat but also have higher levels of dangerous ultraviolet radiation, while UVB lamps are slower at producing results but safer for your skin in the long run. Make sure you research all available tanning bed light bulb options thoroughly to decide which one is right for you.

Learn About Tanning Safety

Safety should always be a top priority when selecting any kind of indoor tanning equipment. Tanning beds that use fluorescent bulbs can generate large amounts of ozone, so make sure you check both the manufacturer’s safety instructions and any local regulations regarding ozone levels before making your purchase. Additionally, it’s important to wear protective clothing when using a tanning bed, such as goggles and a shirt with long sleeves. This will help shield your skin from the more intense UV rays that come off of some beds.

Consider an Automated Spray Tan Booth

Automated spray tan booths are also gaining in popularity as they provide a fast, convenient way to get an even tan without having to lie down in a bed. When choosing one of these booths, make sure you select one with adjustable air pressure so you can control how much product is applied at once. You should also look for a booth that comes with ventilation fans installed so that the mist created by the spray won’t linger too long in the room. Finally, read all safety instructions and follow them to the letter to make sure that you don’t accidentally hurt yourself or a friend while using the booth.

In Summary

By following these tips, you should be able to find a tanning bed that’s perfect for your needs. Just remember to always prioritize safety first when making your decision and take into account both the type of technology used and any available features that can help make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable. With just a bit of research, you’ll be well on your way to getting the perfect tan!

Are you looking for a luxury tanning salon in Indy with friendly prices? Contact Broad Ripple Tans at 317-257-8262 to learn more about our tanning beds and indoor tanning packages in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our trained consultants can help select the right tanning bed for you!

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How to Treat a Tanning Bed Rash

One of the most common side effects of excessive indoor tanning is rash development. Tanning bed rash, although uncomfortable, is easily treatable with the right solutions and preventable with the right practices. Continue reading to learn how to treat a tanning bed rash, plus how to prevent it from happening again.

Tanning Beds Indianapolis Indiana 317-257-8262
Tanning Beds Indianapolis Indiana 317-257-8262

Identifying Tanning Bed Rash

Common symptoms of tanning bed rash include itchy, red, bumpy, and irritated skin. Tanning bed rash looks and feels very similar to a standard heat rash. In fact, this is basically what a tanning bed rash is. You might have developed a tanning bed rash because you have been using an indoor tanning bed too often with little to no breaks in between each session.

Aside from overexposure, tanning bed rashes can develop if you have dry or hypersensitive skin, or an existing rash. In some cases, tanning bed rashes are a result of medication side effects, allergic reactions, or using a tingle tanning lotion that is too strong or incompatible with your skin type. No matter the reason why you have developed a tanning bed rash, treatment is simple and inexpensive, and the rash should heal quickly with good care.

Tanning Bed Rash Treatment Options

It is important to avoid tampering with your rash. This means resisting the urge to itch and scratch or clean excessively. Combined with this discipline, use store-bought ointments and first-aid supplies to support fast and hygienic healing. Here are some of common treatment options for tanning bed rashes:

Wet and Cold Compress – A wet and cold compress is an inexpensive first aid product that will soothe and relax your inflamed skin. It allows you to use the compress wet or dry.

Antibiotic Cream – Look for quality, antibiotic ointment, and follow the manufacturer instructions for application. An antibiotic ointment will not only soothe and protect your rash, but it will promote faster healing.

Antihistamine Medication – Along with your antibiotic cream, look for an antihistamine medication. You can choose a topical cream, chewable tablets, or pills.

Large Bandages or Gauze – It is important to keep your rash moist and covered at all times while it heals. Look for large bandages that are big enough to cover the entire surface of your rash. You may need to purchase gauze and medical tape.

Preventing Tanning Bed Rash

To prevent future tanning bed rash breakouts, reduce your tanning frequency. Consult with your tanning salon professional for personalized advice on how often you should be tanning, and which beds are best for your skin type and overall complexion and goals. It is also important to not tan for too long. Again, your tanning salon consultant can help you decide how long you should be using the tanning bed recommended to you.

Another way to prevent tanning bed rashes is to keep your skin moisturized. Dry skin is more vulnerable to developing a rash and similar irritations. You also want to ensure that the tanning bed you are using is clean. If you choose a trusted and professional Broad Ripple tanning salon, you will have to worry about tanning bed hygiene!

Would you like to enjoy a high-quality, luxury tanning bed experience at a neighborhood price? Contact Broad Ripple Tans at 317-257-8262 to learn more about our tanning beds and indoor tanning packages in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our trained consultants can help select the right tanning bed for you!

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Do New Tanning Bed Light Bulbs Give You a Darker Tan?

When you visit a new indoor tanning salon for the first time, you may wonder about the effectiveness of their tanning bed bulbs. Will old tanning bed bulbs still give you a tan? Do new tanning bed light bulbs make you darker? Will new bulbs burn you? These are all valid questions that can be answered with the right foreknowledge.

Continue reading to learn how tanning lamps work, how effective they are, how long they last, and when they should be replaced. This information may help you understand the variations and effects of tanning bed bulb strength and how it links to tanning results.

Tanning Beds  Indianapolis Indiana 317-257-8262
Tanning Beds Indianapolis Indiana 317-257-8262

How Indoor Tanning Bed Light Bulbs Work

Tanning lamps are the long, narrow bulbs found inside tanning beds. They contain specialized materials, such as inert gasses, mercury, and phosphorus coatings, which turn electricity into ultra-violet rays. The bulbs emit these ultra-violet rays, which mimic the sun’s natural rays, and in turn, allows your skin to tan at a more rapid rate. They give safe, but instance bronzing results that last up to a week.

Average Lifespan of Tanning Bed Light Bulbs

The lifespan of tanning bulbs depends on several factors, including type, brand, quality, extent of use, and more. But in general, the average tanning bulbs provide between 1,000 and 2,000 hours of tanning. Up to 50 hours of usage, tanning lamps are at their strongest and most effective. After 50 hours of usage, they begin to decrease in strength and effectiveness, and efficiency levels lower to 20 percent. Lamps remain at this efficiency level until they reach the 500 hour marker, at which time they decrease even more. Tanning salons often use UV readers that assess the level of bulb efficiency in their tanning beds.

Tanning Bed Light Bulb Replacement

Tanning bulbs are generally replaced all at one time. It is uncommon to replace just a select few out of a tanning bed. That is because uneven bulb efficiency can cause uneven tanning and skin coloring. It is important for tanning salons to use quality lamps to prevent defects and burnouts. Bulbs are usually replaced between 1,500 and 2,000 hours, depending on the type of bulb. A UV reader best assesses when tanning lamps need to be replaced. If a bed has more than one lamp out, they should all be replaced!

What You Need to Know About Older Light Bulbs

Tanning bulbs that are older and less efficient are not bad beds. In fact, they are perfect for those with light complexions who are just starting out with indoor tanning. Tanners with sensitive or fair skin may prefer a tanning bed that is not as strong as the others. So often, salons will have at least one bed that they know is a bit weaker in UV strength than the rest.

Are you looking for a luxury Indianapolis tanning salon with top-quality equipment and products? Contact Broad Ripple Tans at 317-257-8262 to get the best deals on tanning beds, spray tans, tanning products, and more!

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What You Need to Consider Before Buying Your Own Tanning Bed

With all the innovative improvements these days, there is more than one reason to buy a tanning bed for personal use. Not only do you have access to a flawless glow all year long, you also have access to all the therapeutic benefits offered by tanning beds. Vitamin D is an essential part of our health, and it can make improvements with bone strength, acne, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, seasonal effective disorder, and many other health implications. With so many advantages of owning a tanning bed, making the decision to purchase one is really not the hard part. When your time comes to peruse the market for an indoor tanning bed, will need to focus all your attention on making a quality purchase.

Continue reading to learn what you need to consider before buying a tanning bed.

Choose an Indianapolis Tanning Salon Instead!
Choose an Indianapolis Tanning Salon Instead! 317-257-8262

You Will Need to Choose a Vendor

When you start your search for the perfect tanning bed, the best place to start is by finding a trusted vendor. This could be a trusted manufacturer of tanning beds, or a reputable retailer of tanning beds. Ask about pricing, financing, billing, delivery fees, installation fees, return policies, warranties, and more. Use this information to decide which retailer or manufacturer is best for you. Knowing you’re in good hands in terms of customer service makes the buying process less stressful, and even less risky.

Then You Must Choose a Type

Once you find a reputable vendor, you can choose a bed type. There are various makes, models, and styles of indoor tanning beds to choose from, all with varying lamp and bulb counts. While shopping, you will likely see standup booths, laydown booths, light therapy beds, and much more. It may feel overwhelming at first, so focus on choosing a style that best fits your needs in terms of comfort, space, and tanning goals. A common mistake to avoid is buying the wrong size bed. You must remember where you are putting the tanning bed, and whether or not you have enough room. Standup beds are popular for residential use because they take up less space and tend to weigh less.

Now Decide on a Bulb Strength

Once you choose which type of bed you want, you will need to consider the strength you prefer, as well as, any additional features you desire. These all vary depending on the make and model bed you are after. Ask your sales associate for a comparison sheet to determine which bulb strength is best suited for your tanning goals and personal comfort. If you are new to tanning, you want to avoid high-intensity beds and bulbs. If you have some experience, you may want to consider a stronger bed or a bed that comes with more than one setting.

You Need to Consider Certain Upgrades

After you have your eye set on a particular make and model tanning bed, you can start to think about adding on any additional features or upgrades. This can include a wide range of possibilities, depending on the type of bed and the model. Examples of possible upgrades include voice control, stereos, aroma therapies, red light therapies, aqua mist therapies, neck and shoulder tanners, face tanners, additional fans, custom colored illuminators, and more. New upgrades and tanning bed models are being introduced to the market every year!

The easier and more affordable option is to simply visit your local tanning salon!

Your Friendly and Affordable Indianapolis Indiana Tanning Salon

Call Broad Ripple Tans at 317-257-8262 if you are looking for an Indianapolis Indiana tanning salon that has everything you need to achieve a beautiful, natural-looking glow at an affordable price. We offer a wide range of tanning products, services, and packages, including tanning discounts and airbrush spray tanning services. Request a free estimate, today!

Indianapolis Tanning Coupons
Indianapolis Tanning Coupons

Broad Ripple Tans is Officially Open and Offering Great Tanning Deals!

Broad Ripple Tans is so happy to announce that we are official open again for business! Continue below to review some of the temporary changes we are making to protect your health, as well as, the newest tanning bed and spray tanning deals we are offering!

Indianapolis Tanning Salon 317-257-8262
Indianapolis Tanning Salon 317-257-8262

COVID-19 Safety Procedures and Rules

Here at Broad Ripple Tans, we are doing everything in our power to ensure we accommodate all CDC guidelines in order to protect our clients from transmissible illness and unsafe conditions. As usual, we thoroughly wipe down and sanitize all tanning beds following each use, sterilize all spray tanning equipment and booths, replace used towels with freshly-laundered ones, and maintain a clean and fully-stocked guest bathroom and communal amenity area.

However, now with the COVID-19 precautionary advisories, we have enhanced our cleaning and sanitizing procedures to include a full cleaning of all areas of our salon every hour, including mopping the lobby floors, wiping down all lobby surface areas, including countertops and advertisement stands, mopping and cleaning the guest bathroom, sanitizing the free amenity area, and removing certain complimentary, reusable products, such as the spray deodorant.

Additional Precautions We Are Taking:

? All staff will wear a face mask at all times. Spray tan techs will also wear gloves.

? Although we cannot accommodate the 6 foot rule of social distancing during airbrush spray tanning sessions, we are taking every precaution to ensure less closeness and minimal contact.

We are Graciously Asking Clients to…

? Wear a face mask inside our lobby.

? Come to the salon alone.

? Social distance from others in the lobby while waiting.

? Avoid lingering in the lobby after your session.

? Call ahead to make an air brush spray tanning appointment.

? Refrain from coming in if you are feeling ill.

Questions about your membership or package? Contact us at 317-257-8262 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable staff member.

Current Tanning Packages and Deals

Not only do we maintain economy-based prices to accommodate a wider range of budgets and incomes, we also offer numerous tanning discounts, specials, and non-contract VIP tanning packages! One of our best discounts we are currently offering is our STUDENT DISCOUNT, which can save you up to 20% on tanning services and products! But that’s not all! We are also offering Early Bird Prices before 11AM on weekdays, coupons for tanning beds, “Buy 1 Get 1” deals on spray tanning, 25% OFF spray tanning for VIP clients, and several package renewal deals! Check out all of our tanning prices and packages today!

Contact Our Indianapolis Tanning Salon For Information or Advice Anytime!

Contact our affordable and friendly Indianapolis tanning salon directly at 317-257-8262 if you have questions about our new COVID-19 safety rules and procedures, or would like more information about our tanning discounts, packages, coupons, or making a spray tan appointment. We have missed you and look forward to helping you achieve your complexion goals this summer!

Indianapolis Tanning Coupons
Indianapolis Tanning Coupons